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Safety at Your Fingertips

Leading Portable Alarm for Women

  • LOUD 130 Db alarm scares off attackers

  • Fast Activation, Simple during emergencies

  • Fits or clips anywhere!

  • 100% Money-Back Guarantee.

4.9Based on 983 reviews

    "One of the best way to protect your daughters."

  • 5/5 Score Rating

    "Revolutionary Greatness"

  • 10/10

    "A simple solution for protecting our women workforce."

    "A small gadget, a huge solution"


Based on 983 reviews
  • Makes a Loud Call For Help
  • Fits in or clips to anything!
  • Activates quickly for emergencies!

A Safer World For Women

[Trigger Warning] According to the CDC, 1 in 5 women experience rape or attempted rape. 41% of women reported public physical violence. The women in your life deserve protection!

People are fighting harder than ever for women's rights, safety and equality.

Fueled by the #MeToo movement and frustration, people everywhere are speaking out. So, why does it feel like change is at a halt?

The irony hit when an older woman at the 2017 Washington Women's March held a sign saying " I can't believe we still have to protest this shit!" The common theme of women being taken advantage of is heard throughout many publications and productions even 40 years prior to the #MeToo movement

Protect Yourself Today!


  • Security

    Feel safe and secure on your walks, jogs, running errands, and at night! a run, or even when walking towards your car in a dark parking alley.

  • Mobile

    Syren is small enough for any pocket or can be clipped anywhere! Now you can have girls' night out, trips and work outs securely!

  • Anytime

    Better safe than sorry! Danger and assaults can strike at any time! Be prepared 24/7 with your personal safety alarm, Syren!


I feel a lot safer having this around. I usually put in my pocker even during the mornings. You can never be too sure. It's better to be safe than sorry.


    Amazing product!

    I'm obsessed with this! I started riding my bike a lot and realized I had no safety equipment if I needed help. When I saw this product I bought one for my sister and I and we both LOVE it! It is high-quality and it sure is loud. I know if I needed help, someone would hear this for sure. I wish I would have had this product in my younger days. It sure beats carrying mace around! Thank you!

    - SHARON W.

    Safe 24/7

    I feel so much safer carrying my safe Syren with me! It’s easy to clip in anywhere! I also love the cute color.

    - SHARON W.

    World had changed..

    We live in whole other kind of world today than I did back in the 70’s, this gives me some security that my girls will be safe out there with their children.

    - SHARON W.

    Convenient and affordable

    This is an amazing personal alarm. First in the palm of your hand. The color are so vibrant, making it easy to quickly find it if needed. Very loud and super easy to use. I’ll be gifting these during the holiday to those important ladies in my life. Excellent price, too!

    - SHARON W.

    Best gift

    Bought a flock for the lovely women in my life. My daughters love them! Small, but mighty- perfect size to carry on a key ring or bag. My oldest plans to give birdies for holiday gifts. Naturally I kept one for myself!

    - SHARON W.

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Draw immediate attention and call for help with Syren's blaring alarm and blinding strobe light

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